Student-run organizations and publications give you an opportunity to get involved, gain experience, and even publish some of your work. While you're networking and learning new skills, you'll meet some interesting people.  
The Angle (quarterly literary magazine)
The English Club
JoRoffs (yearbook)
The Cardinal Courier (student newspaper)
WICI (Women in Communication International)

The Angle

The Angle, Fisher's student-run literary journal, is published quarterly during the school year.  All Fisher students are welcome to work as staff members.  The editors encourage students to submit short stories, dialogues, poetry and art for publication.  Submission guidelines:
  • Poems should be limited to one page.
  • All prose should be double spaced and the pages should be numbered.
  • You should include a cover letter with your name, address, phone number and the titles of pieces you have submitted.
  • Your pieces should not include your name on any of the pages other than the cover letter.
Bring questions and submissions to the Angle editor, who has a desk in the Writing Center.

The English Club
Sponsored by the Student Activities Board and run by students, the English Club sponsors field trips and the Writers' Forum.  The Writer's Forum is an informal group that meets monthly, usually at a faculty member's house, to sponsor readings of creative or analytical work.  Anyone can attend; the only requirement is that you bring something of your own, or a favorite piece written by someone else, to read aloud. 

Women in Communication International (WICI)
It's never too early to start working on your career prospects.  If you're interested in a career as a writer, consider joining WICI, an organization designed to help female students who want to find out about career opportunities, network, and discuss common issues.  WICI is open to all Fisher students. To find out more about WICI, contact Dr. Vicker in the Communication/Journalism Department at

The Cardinal Courier
Fisher's newly redesigned student-run newspaper is published twice a month during the school year.  Students interested in writing, taking pictures, or designing for the newspaper should e-mail the Courier staff.

Fisher's yearbook takes its name from the signature of our namesake, St. John Fisher. Entirely student-run and sponsored by SGA, JoRoffs offers opportunities for writers, photographers and designers to get some hands-on experience while having a great time. 


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