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The English Department serves all Fisher students,
from beginning through advanced, majors and non-majors.  Because most Fisher students satisfy their core requirement in literature with a combination of English courses,  we offer a wide variety of courses in writing and literature.  We also offer a wealth of specialized courses in literary eras, genres, and topics.  Our two-track major and minor enable students to focus on either writing or literature.  Most of our courses are writing-intensive, discussion-oriented, and designed to enhance students' ability to think critically.

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Introductory Course Descriptions (ENGL)

101C College Writing (3)
The goal of this course is to improve students’ writing and critical thinking. Students are required to write a series of formal essays as they work toward understanding texts and exploring and communicating ideas, with increasing facility with the conventions of written English. The course design encourages active participation and collaborative learning.

Note: Students may opt for ENGL 103. A full description of the ENGL 103 program is available through the Writing Center.

103 Writing Workshop (1)
This course provides additional writing instruction designed to reinforce the student's classroom experience in ENGL 101C. Students who opt to take the course will receive an additional credit hour for completing the required number of Writing Center sessions.
Co-requisite: Enrollment in a Learning Community.

104 Writing Workshop (1)
This course, a continuation of ENGL 103, provides additional writing instruction designed to reinforce the student's classroom experience in any of the 199C courses. It is intended for those students who are required to or who opt to register for it based on their experience in ENGL 101C.
Co-requisite: A 199C course in any department.

199C RW Research-Based Writing (3)
Students learn the basics of writing an academic research paper in this discipline. Emphasis is on elements of persuasive argumentation, the inclusion of more than one perspective on an issue, the proper use and documentation of sources, and revision. Students also learn how to make an effective oral presentation of their research. Department-determined topic may change from semester to semester and is likely to include literary texts as primary materials.

Note: May be repeated, but may not be taken for credit more than once in any department. Students may opt for or be required to take ENGL 104 for one credit. Required placement in ENGL 104 is based on the student's performance in ENGL 101C.

150C P1 Literary Types (3)
This course introduces students, especially those majoring in disciplines other than English, to the principal genres of literature: poetry, drama, and prose fiction. (English majors, minors, and prospective majors should take ENGL 200C.) The course emphasizes the basic elements of literary analysis and interpretation and the imaginative power of language. It offers as well an introduction to seeing literature as a valuable means of understanding particular times, places, and cultures.

Formerly ENGL 102C. Students with credit for ENGL 102C should not register for this class.

200C Literary Analysis (3)
In this course, designed and required for majors and minors, students develop the ability to explicate literary texts—to analyze closely in order to interpret accurately. Students learn to analyze formal elements such as diction, tone, structure, genre, and point of view, and to consider such external influences as biography and culture in their readings of poetry, drama, and prose works. The course also includes an introduction to the relationship between critical methods and literary theory. Students must sign up for ENGL201 as a co-requisite. (See Sample Syllabus)

201 Sophomore Seminar (0)
The objective of this course is to foster the academic success of students who are beginning the English major at St. John Fisher College. Students will explore career options and career preparation. This course, which meets for five 1-hour sessions during the semester, is required of all students enrolled in ENGL200C and strongly recommended for all transfer students majoring in English. Graded S/U

Special Courses

490 Internship (3)
Through the department’s internship program, eligible junior and senior majors may earn academic credit for supervised off-campus work in business and industry. No more than three credits earned in an internship will be counted toward the major. Permission of internship coordinator.

Restrictions : Junior and senior ENGL majors with a 3.00 GPA.

496 Independent Study (1-3)
In consultation with a given instructor, the student decides on a topic for consideration. A written proposal, approved by the instructor, is then submitted to the department chair for approval. The student’s independent study culminates in a paper of approximately 25-30 pages. Completion of the Independent Study/Tutorial Authorization form is required. See Policy on Independent Study.

Restrictions : Seniors with a cumulative grade point average of 3.00.

Honors Options in English

The English department offers a degree with Honors in English to qualified students who complete a substantial project in literary criticism or creative writing. Students must have at least a 3.50 GPA in English courses and a 3.30 GPA overall. Candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Receive an “A” on the honors thesis. The paper should display originality and sophistication of thought, as well as stylistic excellence.
  2. Successfully defend the thesis at an open colloquium. Although anyone from the academic community may attend the colloquium, the student meets primarily with a committee of readers, who will decide whether to award honors. The committee is composed of the project director, a second reader from the English department, and the chair of the department. The colloquium is usually held during the week of final exams.

498H, 499H Honors in English (3, 3)
A one- or two-semester sequence of independent study during the senior year, culminating in a thesis. Upon completion of the project, a student receives three or six hours of 400-level credit toward the major. The candidate should carefully select a member of the department to direct the project and work closely with him/her. The advisor evaluates the student’s performance and determines a final grade. No later than the end of the junior year, the student should consult with his/her director and submit a detailed description of the project to the chair of the department for approval. Completion of the Independent Study/Tutorial Authorization form is required. See Requirements for Honors in the Major.



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