Internships in English

An internship is a good way to get practical experience in the workplace.  An internship can help you decide on a career, enhance your academic work, teach you new skills, and provide you with a sense of accomplishment in the "real world."  Internships are usually unpaid or minimally paid; you trade your labor for course credit and an invaluable learning experience.  Internships offer a unique opportunity to network with people in a particular career field.

Initiating an Internship

  • contact the Internship Coordinator to find out about internships currently available to English majors, or look through the book of internship listings in the department chair’s office.  The Internship Coordinator is a professional writer with many contacts in the community and a good sense of job possibilities for writers.  You may also contact an employer in the field of your interest to determine whether an internship would be possible.
  • Ask the internship Coordinator for approval for your internship. If your internship application is approved, you will receive credit for English 490 or 491 while you are completing your internship.
  • keep a journal of the work you accomplished during the internship, including a log of hours of meeting with the professor and work supervisor, to be discussed periodically and turned in to the professor at the end of the semester.
  • write a post-internship report (about five pages, double-spaced) describing how your internship complemented your academic coursework, what new skills you learned, what problems you confronted, and what tangible accomplishments you achieved.
  • skills you learned, what problems you confronted, and what tangible accomplishments you achieved.

Internship Parameters

  • an internship is considered a course (English 490 or 491)
  • internships are graded by the Internship Coordinator
  • you may take no more than two internships for credit, and only one per semester
  • internships may be graded on a letter-grade or S/U basis
  • internships may not be used to fulfill any core or major requirements
  • tuition must be paid during the semester(s) when you have your internship

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