Registered Secondary Education Requirements for St. John Fisher College

Checklist of Academic Requirements for Certification in English
Students seeking certification in English for secondary education must complete the following requirements.

all of the following courses:
Engl 102Writing and Literature________________
Engl 200Literary Analysis________________
Engl 270Peer Consulting in Writing________________
Engl 352Advanced Rhetoric________________
two of the following multicultural literature courses:
Engl 219Early African-American Literature3________________
Engl 220Modern African-American Literature3________________
Engl 232Topics in Literature & Ethnicity 3________________
Engl 238Postcolonial Literature 3________________
Engl 262Literature of American Slavery 3________________
Engl 443Seminar in Multicultural Literature 3________________
one of the following Shakespeare courses:
Engl 212Shakespeare in Performance3________________
Engl 312Shakespeare Seminar 3________________
four of the following literature surveys:
Engl 320Medieval & Renaissance Literature3________________
Engl 321Milton through Romantics 3________________
Engl 322Victorian to the Present3________________
Engl 333American Literature to 18803________________
Engl 334American Literature after 1880 3________________
two of the following literature seminars:
Engl 440Seminar in Theory 3________________
Engl 441Seminar in Language3________________
Engl 442Seminar in Genre3________________
Engl 443Seminar in Multicultural Literature3________________

  • Courses may not be counted twice.
  • Students who complete these requirements will simultaneously complete the requirements for the English Literature major.
  • As early as possible, you must consult with your advisor in the Education Department to set up a program leading to certification.


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