Sample syllabi

Course content and requirements change frequently. Syllabi from past years can give you a sense of how a course may be taught, but are not meant as a promise of any given professor's plan for a future semester.

Listed below you will find some full syllabi and some more brief course outlines.

100-level courses

101 (Learning Community "Culture, History, Power": Bloom)
101 (Learning Community "The Fog of War": Brauer)
180D "Indians" in American Culture (Delmendo)
199 (Frankenstein: Bloom)

200- level courses

200 Introduction to Literary Analysis (Williams)
200 Literary Analysis (Uman)
203 The History of English (VanderBilt)
207 The Bible as Literature (Bloom)
207 The Bible as Literature (VanderBilt)
212 Shakespeare at the Movies (Uman)
214 Reading Gender: Feminist Literary Theory (Bloom)
218 Intro to Drama (Bloom)
236 The American Dream (Brauer)
248 World Literature (Delmendo) (Syllabus 2)
251 Creative Nonfiction (Nichols)
262P Modern Irish Literature and Ethnicity (Regan)
263C Topics in Literature and the Arts: Modernism and the City (Brauer)
264 Censorship (Bloom)
268 Film Fundamentals (Williams)
293 P1 Medieval and Renaissance Survey was 320 through spring 2007 (Uman)
293 P1 Medieval and Renaissance Survey was 320 (VanderBilt)
294 Milton through the Romantics (Bloom) was 321
298 American Literature from 1880 to the Present (Brauer)

300-level courses

312C P1 Advanced Shakespeare Seminar (Uman version 1)
312C P1 Advanced Shakespeare Seminar (Uman version 2)
318 English Literary Renaissance (Uman)
319 Satire (Bloom)
335 Harlem Renaissance (Brauer)
347 Studies in Postcolonialism (Uman)
348 Women Writers (Uman)
349 Chaucer's Canterbury Tales (VanderBilt)
352 Rhetorical Theory (Nichols)
361 Writing for the Web (Williams)
380 Visual Rhetoric (Nichols)

Senior Seminar (420/425)

Literature Seminar: Rise of the Novel and Cultural Materialism (Bloom)
Literature Seminar: Theory/Cultural Categories (Brauer)
Literature Seminar: Deconstruction and Renaissance Cross-Dressing (Uman)

Writing Seminar: Critiquing Whiteness Through Memoir, Image, Law, Economics, and Politics (Nichols)


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