Requirements and Affiliated Courses

Students minoring in WGST complete at least six courses. Two of these are required: the introductory course WGST 101C, and the capstone course in gender theory, WGST 400. The remaining four courses are electives. Students may choose from a wide range of courses offered in a variety of disciplines. Elective offerings may change from year to year, and new courses may be added in response to student demand.

African American Studies

AFAM 282P Contemporary Issues and Challenges in the 21st Century Black Church

American Studies

AMST/SPST 225 P3 Sport and American Culture

Classical Studies

CLST 210C P5 Love in the Ancient World


ECON 110P CC Gender and Race in the American Workplace


ENGL 223C Marriage in Contemporary Literature
ENGL 230P1 Literature of Travel
ENGL 260P Topics in Gender and Literature
ENGL 261C Topics in Sexuality and Literature
ENGL 370 Womens Autobiography


HIST 201 Women in History
HIST 202 P1 Women and Gender in the 19th Century
HIST 205D CC American Social History: The Family
HIST 242D P3 Women in American History
HIST 244 Women and War

Politcal Science

ISPR/POSC 270D Global Gender Studies POSC 215D Women and Minority Politics
POSC 216 Women and the Law
POSC 299D Sex and the Body Politic


LLIT/LSPR 230P P1 Hispanic/Latino Film and Literature

Peace and Justice Studies

PSJS 210D Women and Peace

Religious Studies

REST 255 Great Women in Christianity
REST 340D P2 Feminism and Religion
REST 352D Marriage and Sexuality Issues

Women and Gender Studies

WGST 101C CC Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
WGST 150 LC Equity and Access
WGST 199C RW Research-Based Writing
WGST 203 CC Introduction to Queer Studies
WGST/SOCI 211C Prejudice, Discrimination, and Stereotype
WGST/SOCI 234P Social Power and Society
WGST/AMST 237 P3 Hope, Survival and the Human Spirit
WGST/HIST 240D CC Women in East Asia
WGST/PSYC 250P P3 Psychology of Gender
WGST/SOCI 257D Gender Roles and Society
WGST/SPST 305 Women in Sports and Leisure
WGST 400 Feminist and Gender Theory
WGST/AMST 470 Senior Research Seminar
WGST 496 Independent Study

Department Director - Dr. Deborah Uman (585) 385-5258