This week’s Quick Tip!

Combine your trash bin with someone else's!

By sharing a larger trash bin with others in your office area, or taking it out of classrooms to bins in the hallways, you can save plastic liner bags, which are replaced daily, as well as Housekeeping staff labor. This saves money and allows the Housekeepers more time to clean your work and living spaces.

Fisher Goes Green

Start collecting unwanted electronics, cell phones, dead batteries and CFL bulbs for the Sixth Annual Fisher Goes Green Day: Recycling Drive and Sustainability Fair on March 20,2014. There are more details on the Activities page.

Welcome to Fisher Goes Green, THE place to find out more about the environment, and what St. John Fisher College is doing to keep our campus – and our planet – clean, safe, and healthy. This site is maintained by the Recycling and Sustainability Committee.

Monroe County law requires that everyone recycle certain materials, but we are about more than just recycling. We want to make sure that the Fisher Community practices the three R's.

  • REDUCE: Buy less, and buy items with less packaging
  • REUSE: Give away clothes, household items, electronics to your friends or charity
  • RECYCLE: Everything that can be recycled should be, including paper products, bottles, and cans

Why Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle? Because we must all practice Sustainability:

  • The idea that we can provide for today's needs without compromising the needs of future generations.

Our Committee has sponsored an Earth Day cleanup and planting projects for many years, and we want to spread our work even farther. We participated in the nationwide competition called RecycleMania for two years; we held our first Sustainability Fair in 2009, bringing to campus committed individuals from such varied groups as the Sierra Club, Genesee Land Trust, Monroe County Water Education Collaborative, and GrowMonroe. We also host an annual electronics recycling collection with Regional Computer Recycling & Recovery.

You may contact members of the Recycling and Sustainability Committee via email at: with questions or comments.

In addition to information about our ongoing Green activities, this site provides informational and educational links to websites to help you learn more about the environment, and what you personally can do to help:

  • Green Fisher Activities – information on our current and upcoming events
  • How Do I Go Green? – check out websites to determine your carbon footprint, cancel unwanted mail-order catalogs, and learn more about what you can do
  • Read Green – check out materials available at Lavery Library to learn more about the environment, recycling, global warming, as well as other interesting information.
  • Recycling Guidelines gives you up-to-date information on the rules and practices of Fisher’s recycling program.

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